Aimee's story of how she changed her body in just 5 weeks!

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Time on programme: 5 weeks… but continuing
Total weight loss: 12lb
Inches lost tummy: 3 inches
Inches lost thigh: 0 - my legs are tiny no matter how much weight I put on!
Inches lost arm: again 0, arms don’t gain the weight
Inches lost waist: 3.5 inches
Dress size difference: went up to size 12 back to 8-10
Instagram handle: @aimeelouh

How has your life changed since doing The Weightloss Programme?

I thought I was eating healthy and couldn’t work out how I was still gaining weight. I swapped a slice of toast for breakfast for fruit yogurt and granola for example.. thinking it was the weight loss option but when it came to calories the slice of toast and butter was only under 200 cals and fruit yogurt and granola was almost 800 cals!! I have learnt so much about calories, and it makes so much sense! Iv never thought about calories in and out before and this plan had really opened my eyes! And it’s knowledge that will stick moving forward

What makes this programme different to any weightloss programme you have tried before?

It’s just simple.. calories in and calories burnt. Simple! No specific foods… just eat what you like as long as you stay within your calories. It’s great! I can still drink wine 1 night a week.. I just make sure I only eat so many calories to be able to have my wine. I’m not having to cut out what I like! Iv never even thought about it that way before until I joined the plan!

Was it easy to fit into your lifestyle?
Absolutely! I was strict with myself the first 4 weeks… avoiding meals out etc but now I am down to my ideal weight I can do these things and maintain my weight. Just have to be strict the first 4 weeks to get to your goal weight then moving forward I can still do the things I enjoy and eat out etc

Is it suitable for me as a fussy eater?

Yes, although I’m not fussy. Again you can eat what u like as long as you stay within your calorie intake

I hate exercise. How did you find the exercises on the programme?

I did the programme for the first 4 weeks and I did find it hard as I have dodgy knees! I haven’t continued with the exercise plan, I just go on my cross trainer which is easy on my knees for 20 mins 4/5 times a week. I don’t skip this as I have now learnt that doing that 20 mins can burn 250 cals which allows me to have a treat and not go over my daily calorie intake.

Are you finding it easy to maintain your weightloss?

Easy! I have had bad days and am scared to stand on the scales. But when I do I am surprised as my weight has stayed the same! As long as I have more good than bad days and continue with 4/5 times a week on my cross trainer I am maintaining my weight.

What are you looking forward to now you’ve hit your goals?

Maintaining my weight and being able to also live my life enjoy meals out and drinks out and not to gain weight.

What would you say to someone considering joining The Weightloss Programme?

I recommend 100%. It changes your mindset once you know what food contain what calories. I was blind before and not surprised that I gained weight! Once you have that knowledge it sticks with you forever and becomes so easy! Just a part of your lifestyle. Iv never come across calorie deficit before, and it is the most obvious and straight forward way of loosing and maintaining weight. You girls have changed my life, you should be very proud of how many lives u have changed with something so simple! There are so many fad diets about. But this one is just so basic I can’t believe I never thought of it myself! You have uncomplicated things for myself and so many others. Best £60 I ever spent!

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