What Happens At The Weight Loss Club?

Arrival process

On arrival, you'll head straight for the scales queue. Don't worry about this part; we teach you why scales aren't that important!

You'll check in with your approachable coach and get weighed, logging your progress in your book. If it's your first paid club, your coach will give you your welcome pack. This includes a progress tracking book with meal planning and a recipe book containing 30 easy, calorie-counted recipes that are the favourite meals of other club members. Your coach will then help you calculate your calorie deficit, which is personal to you.

After weigh-in

You'll take a seat and wait for your fellow members to have scale time with your coach. Remember, you'll be surrounded by people in the same boat as you, so conversation happens easily.

Club content

Your coach will guide you through this week's topic. We have 20 teachable topics, so if you join at topic 5, don't worry - we recycle back through after topic 20. Each topic will help develop your understanding of healthy weight loss.

  1. Basics of a calorie deficit
  2. How to meal plan efficiently
  3. Intro to carbs, fats and proteins
  4. Intro to vitamins and minerals
  5. Exercise and weight loss
  6. How to track progress
  7. Hydration and easy food swaps
  8. Scale weight
  9. Binge eating / emotional eating
  10. Fibre
  11. Sugar
  12. Volume eating
  13. PCOS / menopause and under-active thyroid
  14. Cheat days
  15. Motivation and body composition 
  16. Cortisol (stress)
  17. Gut health
  18. Budget food shopping
  19. Alcohol
  20. Maintenance 

Motivation chat

Following the weigh-in, you'll move into the motivation session. This is where we all share new findings, tips, and tricks to keep each other motivated. Please note, in our clubs, we don't go around the room to highlight any weight losses or gains. We're all here to support each other and focus on our shared goal of healthy weight loss. 

See you next week

The hour is over, and you're free to leave and implement what you have learned this week.

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