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Two Weight Loss Journals

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The Duo Weight Loss Journal

Our duo packages means you receive 2 journals - so you can tag team with a friend, colleague, family member or loved one. Completing this journey with someone else will make this easier. 

Do you struggle to lose weight?

Do you find it hard to stay motivated?

Do you not know where to start?

Meet the worlds first educational weight loss journal. Freshly delivered to your door. A 12 week programme that will transform your life forever. A premium weight loss tool, designed by professionals for a fraction of the usual price. 

If you're aiming to lose weight; this is THE only product you will ever need.
Join thousands of people that have lost weight through our services - thanks to them, our education and our personal experience we have created the best weight loss product your money can buy. 

This calorie deficit Science based educational journal takes you through a 12 week process to teach you how to lose weight and keep it off for life whilst focussing on:
  • your mental health
  • your social life
  • your physical health
  • your nutritional health

It is written step-by-step so you won't be overloaded or confused.

Although it is a 12 week programme, its 12 weeks to change your life and not 12 weeks to lose 27474+ stone. This is a life changing journey, yes you will drop dress sizes during this period but depending on your goal, you might not hit your target. You can continue with this programme after at your own leisure.

Who is it suitable for?

  • those needing to lose weight to secure a healthy BMI
  • those wanting to shift a few lbs
  • those who can't exercise
  • those who are new to calorie counting
  • those with PCOS/Menopause/ any hormonal imbalance
  • those with food intolerances

If you have any questions regarding if this is right for you, the answer is YES, IT'S RIGHT FOR EVERYONE.

Please note this journal does not come with direct help or a private group as it is not needed.

What does it include?

  • over 100 pages of educational information which is easy to digest
  • pages to write your thoughts to assist on the journey
  • can be tailored to your needs 
  • 12 week countdown
  • progress tracking
  • calorie deficit calculation
  • mental health journaling
  • motivation
  • how hormones effect weight loss
  • macronutrient guidelines 
  • micronutrients guidelines
  • tape measure
  • pen
  • how to meal plan
  • how to eat out on a calorie deficit
  • how to calorie count
  • how to work out calories on food packaging
  • how to take your progress photos and measurements
  • video exercises via QR code
  • recipes via QR code

This journal is remarkable and one of a kind. 

This is your sign to PUT YOURSELF FIRST.

The photos are samples from the journal and not the full journal.

Due to the nature of this product all sales are final and refunds are not accepted.

Journal size: A5

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
samantha newman
Excellent book

So glad I purchased this book , so much information; I didn’t even realise. ❤️

Debbie E
Weight loss journal

Loved the journal, great information and so useful

Alex Batkin
This journal is a game changer

What I love most about the journal is how it’s worded. It doesn’t put you down or make you feel like your a failure at all. It’s so positive easy to follow and explains things amazingly! Complete game changer and it’s changed my mind towards food completely. You girls are geniuses!

Anita Robinson
Great guide

This journal is packed with everything you need to start your weigh loss journey, it’s easy to understand and is packed with info making it fun and not a challenge 💕

Jenna Dennis
Simply amazing

These girls are very educated in this field and are so passionate about what they do , this shows in the way this has been constructed , focusing on all aspects of weight loss . They really understand that weight loss and nutrition all starts in the mind and they focus on this, they have created something that changes mindsets and therefore bad habits for life . This journals information is a gem of information that can be used for life and for that reason in my opinion £38.50 is a bargain 😀 👌 💯



Do you have a payment plan?

We have Klarna available on the checkout page.

Is the Weight Loss Programme personalised?

Yes and no. To keep costs low this is a generic digital download. However, it comes with access to a private Instagram group that has direct contact with both Sarah and Charlotte.

Can you help with PCOS and weight loss?

Yes. We have a lot of women on our programme with PCOS. One of whom have recently had a baby after struggling for so long due to weight management.

Why is the Weight Loss Programme a one time payment?

Because we want to make a weight loss education affordable for all. We teach you what we know immediately. You can stay part of our Instagram group for as long as we have it. Why? Because we trust what we do. Statistically, 98% of our clients do not contact us after the first 4 weeks because they have gained enough knowledge to carry on with their lives without being controlled by weight loss, but they know enough to still keep heading towards their goals. 

Is the Weight Loss Programme an exact meal plan?

No. This programme is a calorie deficit programme specific to you so therefore, you get the freedom of deciding what your calories are used on. Why? No two people are on the same calorie allowance. Therefore all meal plans would need to be made-to-measure. But we teach you the art of meal planning, prepping and eating out.