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The Science of Weight Loss

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by Elite Personal Trainer and Mental Health Coach Sarah Hutchinson
Nutritionist Charlotte Taundry
This programme was designed to teach you how to lose weight, eat nutritionally for your body, educate you on how to stay healthy for life and help you realise that you can ditch the fat burning pills, 6am workouts, detox tea and over-priced weekly weight loss group subscriptions. 
A one-time payment and not a subscription because we believe that you will lose weight. Even though all of our bodies are different we know that Biological Science will stay Biological Science so you don't need to participate in weekly updates for new tricks on how to lose weight. It's always going to be black and white. What isn't going to be black and white is the psychology behind weight loss, and this is what we understand. That's why we designed the programme to be both a life-changing and educational journey, so you don't end up back where you started.
  • A 4 week workout schedule - created to be repeated after week 4 and designed to burn a lot of calories in a short space of time. Perfect for those with little time. (Just 90 minutes per week). If these can't be completed there's alternatives and advice to just get you moving more
  • Demonstrations of each exercise (via a private Instagram group)
  • The workouts LIVE and saved onto IGTV's with Sarah - so you can sweat along with her
  • Personalised calorie calculation worked out by Sarah and Char and based on your lifestyle
  • Macronutrients guidance 
  • 20 low calorie recipes 
  • Meal prepping masterclass - how to eat your favourite meals and lose weight
  • How to use both daily and weekly calories - great for those who socialise on the weekend
  • Private members only Instagram group for access to videos - we have an open direct message policy
  • 3 month access to 1-2-1 support on Instagram with Sarah and Charlotte. After this period, access to live videos will still be granted but personal messages will not
  • 1 live motivational session per week
  • Help on weight maintenance once at goal weight  
  • Discounted S&C gym wear and other programmes
  • A good time and actual results 
  • We won’t give up on you. We are here to get your to your goals 
Once purchased, you will receive a link on the purchase page to an automatic download. If you haven't received this link then please contact us on
Refunds not accepted in line with The Consumer Rights Act 2015 as this product is a digital download and can not be returned. Please be sure before you make a purchase. 
*It is recommended that those with a healthy BMI range should not enter a calorie deficit.
** We can only guarantee results if you complete all parts of the programme.
*** Please check with your GP if you are unsure if you can take part in a calorie deficit programme.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle hegan
The world's best weightloss programme

This programme is one of the best weightloss programmes I've ever done having tried everything under the sun you name it I've tried it...Found the girls and thought ill give it a go...Through the struggles of covid my weight had rocketed till my a size 22...Stuck at my heaviest I'd ever been unhappy and unhealthy I started with the girls in Oct 2021 and following their amazing programme and sticking to the calories they had worked out for me incorporating the foods i love along with their amazing help and support and the weekly Thursday lives I started to lose weight and was really enjoying it the 1st stone fell off and by July 2022 I was a size 12/14...Fast forward to Jan 23 I'm a comfortable size 12 and someone who enjoys the gym aswell...I'm the happiest I've ever been not just physically but mentally aswell the girls make your mental health a priority aswell which I think is brilliant...The support you receive from Charlotte and Sarah is amazing they are two of the most educational caring kindest girls you will ever meet...I've more energy sleep better want to go places and socialise again and the biggest thing I'm not afraid of the camera anymore the girls saved my life...If I could give anyone one bit of advice it would be go for it its the best money you'll ever spend it really is the best decision iv ever made



Do you have a payment plan?

We have Klarna available on the checkout page.

Is the Weight Loss Programme personalised?

Yes and no. To keep costs low this is a generic digital download. However, it comes with access to a private Instagram group that has direct contact with both Sarah and Charlotte.

Can you help with PCOS and weight loss?

Yes. We have a lot of women on our programme with PCOS. One of whom have recently had a baby after struggling for so long due to weight management.

Why is the Weight Loss Programme a one time payment?

Because we want to make a weight loss education affordable for all. We teach you what we know immediately. You can stay part of our Instagram group for as long as we have it. Why? Because we trust what we do. Statistically, 98% of our clients do not contact us after the first 4 weeks because they have gained enough knowledge to carry on with their lives without being controlled by weight loss, but they know enough to still keep heading towards their goals. 

Is the Weight Loss Programme an exact meal plan?

No. This programme is a calorie deficit programme specific to you so therefore, you get the freedom of deciding what your calories are used on. Why? No two people are on the same calorie allowance. Therefore all meal plans would need to be made-to-measure. But we teach you the art of meal planning, prepping and eating out.