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WELCOME TO OUR KITCHEN! Where we cook the recipes that we eat to stay healthy.

Each week we bring to you 7 tasty, easy recipes for just £2 per month / 50p per week.

New recipes published every Sunday at 10pm.

All recipes are the following -

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner time meals
  • Less than £2 per serving
  • Under 500 calories per serving
  • Using easy to buy ingredients from all supermarkets
  • Can be batch made for lunch time
  • Seasonal 
  • Using in season produce
  • Low cooking and prep time so you can live your life not in your kitchen

How it works:

  1. Purchase this subscription and follow the payment steps.
  2. Once purchased click login to your account on - if you need to create an account you MUST use the email given when purchasing the subscription.
  3. Once logged in, click on The Weight Loss Kitchen in the navigation section.
  4. You will now be able to see the recipes in full.
  5. You will be charged £2 every 30 days but recipes will be scheduled every 7 days.
  6. The subscription will re-occur until you cancel it via your account on
  7. Please note, if you're not logged in you will not be able to see any recipes.
  8. You can cancel this subscription free of charge at any time. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hollie Sutton
Great recipes

Really love the recipes on the weightless kitchen. Haven't tried loads but have tried a good few and they are very easy and so tasty. I am happy that I subscribed

Michelle hegan
The amazing weightloss kitchen

The weightloss kitchen subscription is absolutely amazing 7 different meal/recipe ideas every sunday and the ideas the girls provide are simple cost worthy meals that are easy to make and nearly all of the ingredients are cupboard staples you already have and you can include the whole family in these meals i have tried nearly every meal on this subscription and they are soo tasty filling and all for under 500 cals...I would recommend everyone to buy this subscription for only £2 a month meaning 50p a week it really is the best £2 you'll ever spend



Do you have a payment plan?

We have Klarna available on the checkout page.

Is the Weight Loss Programme personalised?

Yes and no. To keep costs low this is a generic digital download. However, it comes with access to a private Instagram group that has direct contact with both Sarah and Charlotte.

Can you help with PCOS and weight loss?

Yes. We have a lot of women on our programme with PCOS. One of whom have recently had a baby after struggling for so long due to weight management.

Why is the Weight Loss Programme a one time payment?

Because we want to make a weight loss education affordable for all. We teach you what we know immediately. You can stay part of our Instagram group for as long as we have it. Why? Because we trust what we do. Statistically, 98% of our clients do not contact us after the first 4 weeks because they have gained enough knowledge to carry on with their lives without being controlled by weight loss, but they know enough to still keep heading towards their goals. 

Is the Weight Loss Programme an exact meal plan?

No. This programme is a calorie deficit programme specific to you so therefore, you get the freedom of deciding what your calories are used on. Why? No two people are on the same calorie allowance. Therefore all meal plans would need to be made-to-measure. But we teach you the art of meal planning, prepping and eating out.