Read how Charlie found her health and has been in remission for the first time by losing weight on the Weightloss Programme


Time on programme: 5 and a half months
Total weight loss: 4.1 stone
Inches lost tummy: 11inches
Inches lost thigh: 7.2
Dress size difference: 14 down to 8
Instagram handle: don’t need to include… it’s dull 😂

How has your life changed since doing The Weightloss Programme?
- I’m like a different person! The programme has made me so much more confident and just all round healthier. I was in a vicious circle with my health, suffering with ulcerative colitis for 8 years and thinking about surgery to have to have a colostomy stoma after trying countless medications and gaining weight. I am now so much more confident and actually leave the house. Understanding how to eat well and feed your body what it needs has been the biggest help for me and feeling so well/ being in remission for the first time is what makes the plan sustainable for me.

What makes this programme different to any weightloss programme you have tried before?
- It is so easy to follow, the amount of support is amazing and so motivational but most of all the plan is educational and makes sense. Having a plan that makes sense and teaches you the reason behind what you are doing 100% makes it understandable and easy to make right for you and become a lifestyle change that is sustainable.

Was it easy to fit into your lifestyle?
- Definitely, the plan is easily adaptable to you and meal prepping works out much cheaper and more convenient.

Is it suitable for me as a fussy eater?
- Yes! Eat whatever you want, just track your calories. But also, learning about foods and what you should feed your body helped me to try new foods and eat things I wouldn’t normally because it’s not just about eating salads!

I hate exercise. How did you find the exercises on the programme?
- I also used to hate exercise but Sarah and Charlotte give alternatives in case you struggle with a certain exercise which is really helpful. I am now really invested and enjoy making progress and going to the gym which is something I never thought I would be saying!

Are you finding it easy to maintain your weightloss?
- Yes, I’ve been maintaining for a month now… having the mindset of calories in/ calories out means you don’t have to be too strict and can understand how to maintain your weight easily.

What are you looking forward to now you’ve hit your goals?
- Feeling healthy, more confident and getting stuck into the lean programme to start getting some muscle definition!

What would you say to someone considering joining The Weightloss Programme?
- DO IT!!!! Do it now! Give it your all, stick at it, focus on your goal and see the results!! Can not recommend the plan more, I didn’t know it’s what I needed but I gave it my all and it really has changed my life!

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