What's our mission?

We are Sarah and Char, a couple, an Elite Personal Trainer and Nutritionist duo, lovers of happiness. We run Soul + Courage with one simple mission; make health and fitness simple and affordable for all.

We want to stomp out fad diets, weight loss club subscriptions and unnecessary weight loss products on the market. All of these lead to bad relationships with food and nutrition. We aim to take you to health school and teach you the science of weight loss.

We are now 1 year old and have grown our business from a bedtime talk idea in a bedroom in Blackpool to a worldwide company.  We currently have sold our programmes and gym wear in over 15 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and the United Arab Emirates. We are also representing the UK at The Fit Expo 2022 in Los Angeles, USA.

How it started?

Before we met we had both been on our fair share of diets. When our paths crossed on ITV2's The Cabins, we aligned our fitness journey's with Char explaining to Sarah that she was struggling to lose any more weight. Sarah already being a Personal Trainer was educated in how to do this without silly fad diets. Char followed Sarah's advice and dropped 2 dress sizes in 2 months. On the reunion show of the TV programme we were inundated with questions about how we did this. Sarah couldn't physically PT 100's of women so we decided to take the online route and then, Soul + Courage  and The Weight Loss Programme was born. Over the time since we have added more fitness programmes and gym wear for women, men and children. 

Are you qualified? 

Yes. We ensured we both had the legal qualifications we needed to give out such information. We know the internet is swamped with fake health advisors and it's hard to trust people. We have upped our qualifications with Future Fit Training, the worlds leading fitness training brand. We are their current Ambassadors and Char represents for Nutrition and Sarah for the Elite Personal Trainer and Mental Health Coach.


Why are your programmes so cheap?

We wanted every person to have equal access to health and fitness education. We were always dedicated to stay away from weekly subscriptions; we teach you what you need to know through our one-time payment digital downloads. We also have successfully built up a social media following allowing us to sell in volume; therefore, making it cheaper for you. We are the cheapest, most informative fitness programme seller on the market. You will not find better. 

But do you really get how it feels to have no clue about fitness?

Yes. We use our education, personal experience and clients experience to ensure we give you the best information. We've been there too, we can empathise. We are not in this industry not knowing what it feels like to struggle with weight.

Here are our journeys, between us we have lost 8.5 stone and gained the healthiest life: