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The Weight Loss Club

Blackpool - Tuesdays 7-8pm

Blackpool - Tuesdays 7-8pm

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Welcome to The Weight Loss Club in your home town

We are not a regular diet, we are a cool diet.

After online success, we are bringing what we do best, closer to you.


St Stephen on the Cliffs, Holmfield Road, Blackpool,FY2 9RB

Start date: Tuesday 2nd April 2024 

Time: 7pm-8pm

Number of spaces available: 50

Disabled access: Yes

Parking: Yes

What happens at the club?

You will receive a diet book and planner. Our diet, 'How to lose weight,' is based on a calorie deficit, focusing on nutrition and the foods you love. Nothing is off-limits.

Each week you will be weighed and prompted to measure. Using advanced technology, you will measure your progress with weight, body fat percentage and body measurements. On the weeks that your hormonal, we will be able to see a water weight increase in your body. Therefore, no sad feelings if the scales don't read a minus.

You'll have a group coaching and motivational session with qualified professionals.

Each week you'll have a new topic focus regarding weight loss.

Likeminded people will surround you for extra support and motivation.

Our coaches have experience helping women with unique weight loss needs. We understand the challenges of those with hormonal differences, so you can succeed in your journey.

You'll celebrate the inches of body fat you've lost, not just the scale weight.

What doesn't happen at the club?

We don't go around the room highlighting losses and gains. 

We don't focus on scale weight as the only measure of success.

We don't encourage nudity on the scales. Save that for when you get home.

What happens after I've paid the joining fee?

You will be sent an email on what happens next including details on what to bring with you on your first week.

How the payment works

You will pay the initial £10 joining fee online. This is for your diet plan book. This is non-refundable.

On your first night you will pay £24 for your next 4 clubs. After 4 weeks, another £24 payment will be made. We do not accept single-session payments. Payments are card only. 

Can I miss a club?

As payments are made every 4 weeks for 4 clubs, if you miss a club within these weeks, the payment will still count towards this block and you cannot extend your 4 clubs over more than 4 weeks. 

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