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The Weight Loss Club

The Weight Loss Club - Rugeley

The Weight Loss Club - Rugeley

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Welcome to The Weight Loss Club in your home town.

We are not a regular diet, we are a cool diet.

After online success, we are bringing what we do best, closer to you.


What happens at the club?

Each week you will be weighed and measured - weasured. Using advanced technology, you will measure your progress with weight, body fat percentage and body measurements.

You'll have a group coaching session with qualified professionals.

You will receive a diet book and planner.

Each week you'll have a new topic focus regarding weight loss.

You'll be surrounded by likeminded people for extra support and motivation.

What happens after I've paid the joining fee?

You will be sent an email on what happens next.


How the payment works

After you sign up with the joining fee, you will then be charged monthly for your club fees. No payments will be in the clubs. 

You will pay £20 per month for access to 4 club nights per month. If you cannot make a club night, the monthly fee still stands.


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